Open cupboard

Open Cupboard is an ongoing, year-round local outreach ministry running by volunteers who passionate about feeding those who are in need in our community. Our cupboard is indeed OPEN FOR EVERYONE. Currently, there is high demand for frozen foods and dry goods. Please check out the list below for how you can contribute.

  • Frozen food: meat, fish, dinners, vegetables
  • Canned: soup, fruits, and veggies
  • Dry: cereal, cookies, small bags of rice

How to donate:

please contact our administrative staff for the day of the drop-off. Simply collect your goodies in a bag and drop them off at the front door of our church.

How to receive:

Please contact our administrative staff for the items that you need and/or would like to share with your neighbours. We will have them pack up and get it ready for you. Or set up an appointment with us to visit our church physically. All COVID-19 protocols need to be followed for physical distancing, wearing a mask, and use of hand sanitizer upon arrival and leaving the church.

How to get involve:

If you have a passion for feeding the hungry and caring for the needy, consider serving alongside us in this ministry. To get involved, please email us. Volunteer duty includes organizing the food items. Occasionally, we arrange items to be drop off to the neighbour (who have no access to transportation or unable to do pick-up physically.) Your support and time are always appreciated.